Meet The Characters

The Anthemites and Revinians

  • Ronja (Rone-ya): A downtrodden nineteen year old from the outskirts of Revinia. Intuitive, loyal, tenacious, and brave, Ronja will do anything to protect those she loves.
  • Roark (Rore-k): A brash young agent of the Anthem with a dark secret. Musical, sarcastic, and more than a little dangerous.
  • Henry: A subtrain manager living in the outer ring. Kind hearted, soft spoken, and neurotic. Ronja's best and only friend.
  • Iris: A brilliant surgeon working with the Anthem. Never at a loss for words and fiercely protective of the family she has made for herself.
  • Evie: A fiery young agent of the Anthem. The only thing she loves more than a good fight is Iris.
  • Terra: A hard edged agent of the Anthem with a traumatic past. She is as distrustful as she is deadly.
  • Cosmin: At twelve he is already smarter than most adults. Loves nothing more than to tease his older cousin, Ronja.
  • Georgie: A nine year old gardener with a huge heart who loves her brother Cosmin and her cousin Ronja more than anything.
  • Layla: A mutt genetically twisted as punishment for crimes unknown. She is prone to violent outbursts followed by long periods of lethargy. She is the mother of Ronja, though the two have a toxic relationship.
  • Wilcox: The commander of the Anthemites. Though he can seem cold, he is completely dedicated to the cause.
  • Ito: Second in command of the Anthem. Intelligent, collected, and fiercely protective.
  • The Conductor: The reclusive dictator who controls the people of Revinia with The Music, a form of auditory hypnosis that dulls the senses and flattens emotions.
  • Victor Westervelt II: The current CEO of Westervelt Industries, the company that monopolized technology and energy within Revinia and created The Music.